in 3 months.

An intimate, science-based group program for the successful, high-achieving, yet overwhelmed professionals ready to create balance in their work, life, and bank account.





busy to balanced

Have too little

Manage your finances

Work too much

regulate your thoughts 

Increase your productivity

Hold yourself back

If you:

You'll learn to:

And create:

financial freedom

time freedom

Mental Freedom


You are just weeks away from increased balance in your work, life, and bank account.



Jeni Raitsin is a Mindful Productivity Coach, Mental Fitness trainer, and international keynote speaker.

She will facilitate the coaching calls and ongoing support. 

Her work is the intersection between productivity and wellbeing. Combining practical time and energy management strategies, cognitive and positive psychology, neuroscience, and modern-day mindfulness intentionally designed to help people find a less stressful way to be successful.

Hey, I'm Jeni.

Dean Nimrod Kuchel is a remote work mentor, keynote Speaker, and the founder of 'Digital Nomads Israel', the 4th largest Facebook community for digital nomads, with 40,000 members.

He will facilitate the Money mindset workshop and help you plan a personalized FI strategy. 

Dea reached FI before age 40 while traveling to more than 100 countries as a digital nomad. His mission is to help individuals adapt to remote work and create financial independence.


Hey, I'm Dean.

Hey, I'm Shirzad.



Shirzad Chamine is the author of the New York Times bestselling Positive Intelligence, Stanford Lecturer, and CEO Coach.

He will host both the weekly videos and the in-app exercises.

Shirzad's mission is to change the world by helping people increase their mental fitness and live better, happier, more productive lives.

He has been the CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world, having trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools, and has coached hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams.

Time freedom + financial freedom + mental freedom


You want more. You know you can achieve more - more results, more income, more impact, greater experiences AND you want to do it in a way that feels easy, but sometimes you're just your own worst enemy.  

The thing is, your success is NOT a reflection of how much time you put in or how hard you work - it's only a reflection of how calm, clear, and focused your mind is, and you can train your mind to be more focused, calm, clear, and efficient, just like you can train your body to run a 5k and reach your financial goals with balance and ease.

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Whether you're working for yourself, have a full-time job, or juggling a few side projects, this container is for you if you're tired of working too much and having too little and curious to discover how doing less (but better) is actually the secret to having more.  After "Busy to Blanced", you'll get a system of simple tools to manage your finances and your mind, allowing you to be more free - mentally and financially. 

Grow your income and optimize your expenses so you can have more money at the end of each month.

Work fewer hours and still scale to reach new income goals.

Regulate your thoughts so you can be present and enjoy all the time you're going to have guilt free. 

Manage fears so you can step out of your comfort zone time and time again with ease.

Stay focused without getting distracted by the million thoughts in your head.
Have clarity and confidence about taking action, handling challenges, and making decisions.

Surround yourself with the support and accountability of like-minded humans also working on building their freedom.

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Discover how you can have more - time, money, joy, and freedom - without *doing* more.

Our program is like taking your brain to the gym for a workout  - combining weekly video sessions, daily app-guided practices, and ongoing coaching - this program provides you the insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day resulting in dramatically improved productivity and a calm, clear, confident mindset that supports you in reaching your goals instead of sabotaging them! 

8 Group coaching calls With Jeni Raitsin ($1500 value)
1 Mindful Productivity Workshop taught by Jeni Raitsin
1 Money Mindset Workshop taught by Dean Kuchel
12 Weeks of unlimited chat support and accountability M-F 
The Positive intelegance (PQ) program  ($995 value) including:
  • 7 X 1-hour video lessons taught by Shirzad Chamine 
  • Access to the PQ Exlusive training App
  • Positive Intelligence audiobook + PDF

1:1 call with Dean Jukchel to plan your FI strategy ($250 value)


When you sign up, you'll get: 

Total value: $3,995


Discount: pay in full today and save $128

Pay just $875 today, then 2 payments spaced 30 days apart.

2497$ (single PAYMENT)


+ Bonuse!

Pay just $475 today, then 5 payments spaced 30 days apart.

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We start February 28th, 2023 and spots are limited!

I'm guessing that you've already tried many different things, you're probably very aware of the "problem" and maybe even *know* how to solve it, but you haven't seen the change you want (YET!).
The overlooked reason for this is that change is created through 20% knowledge and 80% practice. You need more than good advice or powerful insight; you need proven strategies and tools that will make a difference.

This is why this container includes an exclusive Mental Fitness (PQ)® training app - to help you practice new ways of thinking. 
Our bite-sized app-guided practice is built to fit your busy schedule and will leave you feeling motivated through instant feedback on exactly how much progress you're making towards your goal.

I promise you - personal development has never been this fun before, and participants often describe this as life-changing.

Knowledge is not enough

Our program is based on a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, performance science, and original Positive Intelligence research of more than 500,000 participants from 50 countries, including hundreds of CEOs, Stanford University students, elite athletes, and sales, operations, and technology teams. 

Our practice is scientifically proven to create new, better ways of thought, and our results speak for themselves:

Manage Stress Better

Increase Happiness

Improve Relationships




*Percent of Participants Reporting Improvement

Use Mental/​Emotional Energy More Effectively

Better at Conflict Management

Improve Self-Confidence




Increased inner peace

Mental resilience 

Better sleep

Improved relationships

More Clarity

More benefits:

Higher confidence  

Damn... i need this! *

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What people are saying:

I can't even put into words how much I feel I've transformed mentally.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this program and I'm a completely different as a person and business owner in such a short amount of time. I have strength I didn't know I had, confidence in my abilities, goals I've set for myself, an understanding of my core values, and so much more!


Jeni helped me with so many mindset shifts, how to deal with my fears, and how to overcome my limiting beliefs. 
After working with Jeni, I have developed confidence that helped me so much not only in my business but also in my personal life; I have more peace of mind, more self-love, and run my business smarter and smoother thanks to her time and energy management techniques.


Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!
Instead of working all day (and still not being productive), I learned to set clear boundaries, work fewer hours, and still be even more productive.
I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work, learned to appreciate my leisure time, and started prioritizing my wellbeing. 
It helped me set better goals and stick to my habits consistently!


Before working with Jeni, I would try to get as much done in one day as humanly possible and be exhausted. Now I know I operate in business AND life so much better when I am well taken care of. And a plus, I get more done at a higher level!
I feel so much more confidence, faith in myself, I have new techniques for energy management (a lifesaver!) and habits to support me in my entrepreneurial journey.


My entire life changed from working with Jeni. I have more clarity and confidence in both my personal and professional goals.
Before working with her, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and my personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done.
Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel way more confident and have way more energy thanks to her approach to energy-management.


Jeni has helped me put things into perspective, feel more confident in my decision making, and has thought me different ways to pause and reflect and connect with myself so that I can make more aligned action.

 I literally feel X100 better, less stressed, more confident, more calm! 


I would really recommend working with Jeni, she has got sooo much knowledge and has helped me immensely not just in work and productivity, but also with my personal life, confidence, ability to trust myself.
I feel much more relaxed, able to take breaks when I need them without feeling guilty and prioritize self care. I have more clarity in my business direction, more self compassion, better at energy management, and a lot of new useful tools I've learned that I can use. Also, she is so friendly, supportive and easy to talk to.


When I started , I had so many ideas and was not at all focused and now I know exactly what I want, and have so much more clarity and confidence!
My life has literally turned 180
in 6 weeks, it's crazy! Instead of just thinking and planning, I am DOING and achieving things! I have broken so many limiting beliefs!


Jeni worked with me on mindset issues and also made me feel a lot better in confidence and my life is different because I don't spend so much time doubting myself or being scared of the future.
I am now able to plan my day more purposefully and each day contributes to my bigger goals. I can go to bed each night knowing that I took action that day to move the needle forward in my business. 


I felt like I turned a corner after working with Jeni. I felt more armed and ready to go. That confidence is priceless!
She’ll find out and help you tackle your roadblocks so you can succeed at whatever matters to you. Best of all, she cares! You’ll feel totally energized and any overwhelming feeling will be gone. 


What I loved most about working with Jeni is the feeling she believes in me 100%, She gives me the push to also believe in myself the same way.
When I feel like something is too much to handle or to achieve, she shows me the way and the tools to cope, and lets me know everything has a solution.
Anything I want seems achievable with Jeni!


Jeni always has an answer or advice for whatever you are struggling with. After working with her I have clarity on what I am doing & how to do it, knowledge on how to manage my energy, confidence in myself, and understanding the importance of moving with ease, & breaking every single task into steps.
I'm able to show up more positively every single day, dissect my challenges instead of letting them defeat me, & move forward with growing my business instead of feeling stuck.


"My entire life changed from working with Jeni."

Before, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done.

Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel more confident in my business and have way more energy!

"Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!"

I learned to set clear boundaries and work fewer hours (but be even more productive). I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work and started prioritizing my wellbeing.

"I literally feel X100 better"

I feel less stressed, more confident, more calm!
Jeni has helped me feel more confident in my decision-making, and has taught me different ways to connect with myself so that I can take more aligned action.

"My life has turned 180 in 6 weeks"

It's crazy!
Instead of just thinking and planning, I am DOING and achieving things! I have broken so many limiting beliefs and have so much more clarity and confidence!  

"I spend so much less time in my monkey mind"

I am able to approach life totally differently with more confidence, less fear, and more drive. Hard problems and projects always had me overthinking and procrastinating but now
I feel peaceful and focused.