Workshops, keynote and training programs for companies and teams looking for practical tools to decrease stress and increase performance and wellbeing.

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if you want to learn how to:

Work smarter, not harder to increase productivity without burnout.

Manage distractions and increase focus.

Manage time and energy effectively.

Replace stress or emotional reactivity with calm, clear-headed action.

Cultivate innovation and creativity. 

Create a happier, healthier (and more efficient) work environment.


We operate in a culture that seems obsessed with hustle and achievements. On top of that, we live in a constantly changing environment that forces us to adapt and step up. 

In response to these external pressures, we constantly feel like we need to do more and work harder, which inevitably affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We try to push ourselves and our teams to work harder, manage our time better, not realizing that no 'time block' or 'productivity hack' will help us perform better when we're stressed, overthinking, or mentally exhausted.

Resulting in not only stressed, frustrated and disengaged teams but also lower performance and results. 

With Mindful Productivity, we can learn how to manage our thoughts, regulate our emotions, and reclaim control over our time and energy to increase both our performance and our well-being.


What if I told you it doesn't have to be this way?


Mindful Productivity 

A unique methodology I developed combining practical productivity strategies, modern-day mindfulness, and Mental Fitness (PQ)® intentionally designed to help people thrive without sacrificing their health or happiness.

I help teams reduced stress & overwhelm and increase focus & energy so they can work smarter, not harder -  resulting in optimized performance and greater wellbeing.


Increase focus & energy

   +                                =                         +    

Reduce stress & worry

Get more done in less time

Feel Incredible




Mindful productivity - an innovative approach to increase productivity without sacrificing your wellbeing.

How to master your time & energy to get more done without burnout.

How to stress less, accomplish more, and feel better in the workplace with Mental fitness. 

How to cultivate more work/life balance without working less.


As each organization has its challenges, I also deliver and create customized workshops in productivity, mindfulness, and mental fitness and offer further support to integrate the knowledge into true, long-lasting changes. 

   All workshops/programs are available in-person or online. 




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Jeni's lecture was amazing! It was flowing, well-structured, fascinating, enriching, and filled with practical insights (that I myself began to implement the very next day). I highly recommend Jeni, and I will add that she is also so pleasant, friendly, and super professional!

Asnat Donn, Community and Content Manager at Atidim

I had Jeni come in to speak to my group 2 times so far, and I'm ready to make her a guest expert regular!
Her training around productivity and energy management was AMAZING and everyone in my groups have loved it so much. It's so refreshing to have this training to help my clients learn how to improve their lives and businesses through energy management to be as productive as possible!!

Karlie young, business mentor 

Jeni's lecture was inspiring and enlightening. I especially loved how she tackled this topic and lured all the participants to listen with curiosity, engagement, and excitement. If you wish to be more aware of your decisions, strengths, and weaknesses and be more stable and strong for the marathon of life - Jeni's wisdom is for you.


I am so grateful for what I have learned from Jeni in her eye-opening presentation about productivity at work and in life. I liked the interactive nature of her presentation and how it called me to think about the way I approach my work. Very enlightening and lessons I will carry forward forevermore. Thank you, Jeni!


 6  weeks program



45-90 min talk


90-180 min workshop

let's talk 

An innovative, meaningful, and motivating workshop. Jeni as a facilitator, is full of knowledge, sensitivity, humor, and inspiration. A must workshop for those who want to help themselves take another step towards excellence.

The workshop was inspiring and very insightful! I feel like I am coming out with practical tools for managing my energy, clearer goals, and lots of motivation. 

It was a fascinating and enriching talk that is a must for every employee.

This workshop has opened my eyes and brought me so much clarity!
Jeni emphasizes the most important action you need to take to get to the life you ​​want to achieve.

Jeni was captivating and fascinating. I often struggle with time management and balance, and this talk has was so helpful, so thank you!!  

The way Jeni talked about the "unspoken" mental pains was pleasant and inviting. Thank you, Jeni, for helping me to see my career in a wider and deeper way.

The lecture was excellent! Fascinating information and lots of practical, useful tools for every day and all areas of life.

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