The Mindfu(e)l Club


Reduce stress. Reclaim your time. REFUEL YOUR PASSION.

The membership for busy professionals wanting to master their to-do's and still have energy to enjoy life outside of work. 

I get it, I've been there. Nothing is really "wrong"... life isn't "bad," and you think you "should" just feel grateful for all the things that are going on for you, and I bet you are, but that just probably makes the guilt of wanting to pause life and run off to Thailand for a month that much worse, uh?

I'm guessing that if you're here and reading this, there's a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there IS more to life than this endless cycle, and you're ready to discover it. And honestly, how much longer can you (or are you willing to) continue without a proper change? 

I'm ready! wher do i join?

I'm willing to bet you love what you do and that you're even pretty good at it,
but by the time you end a long day at work,
you might feel exhausted or too mentally drained to engage with your partner (or search for one), go to the gym, cook a healthy meal, or work on your dream project 
and.... you hate that feeling. 

(You know... that feeling of frustration from 'not having enough hours in a day to do it all' sprinkled with a dash of guilt for not being able to meet everyone's expectations (especially your own), right?)

Tell me, which of these sounds like you?


You've been working on a presentation for the last few days but aren't even halfway done even though you've had enough time because your mind is constantly wandering, or you keep pushing it off to do less important but "easier" tasks.

Every week, you naively make these big plans to meal prep, work out, or finally get to the pile of papers on your desk, but at the end of the day, you end up grabbing whatever is in the fridge or ordering takeout and promising you'll do it tomorrow (knowing full well that you won't).

You're too busy "putting out fires" and taking care of the things you have to do and don't seem to "find the time" for the things you want to do, like reading the book on your shelf, picking up a hobby or finally starting that passion project you've been talking about for months.

Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!

Instead of working all day (and still not being productive), I learned to set clear boundaries, work fewer hours, and be even more productive.I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work, learned to appreciate my leisure time, and started prioritizing my wellbeing  ~ Anna

I literally feel 100 X better once we finish our calls!

I have learned so many new perspectives from working with Jeni on how to pause and reflect and connect with myself so that I can make more aligned decisions.
Honestly she has some of the best energy of anyone I have met. After workign with her I feel  less stressed, more confident, more calm~ Lauren

I don't spend so much time doubting myself

Jeni helped me to clearly set goals which were tangible and doable, tought me how to plan better and complete these goals. I am now able to plan my day more purposefully and each day contributes to my bigger goals. I can go to bed each night knowing that I took action that day to move the needle forward in my business ~ Emily



Managing your energy is the most effective way to
be super focused when you work and get things done faster and smoother
and still have energy left to work out, run errands, or go on date night
and be fully present (without worrying about work)

If you tried boosting your energy  by exercising more, sleeping better, eating healthier
or practicing self-care, but it didn't really last
that's probably because you didn't adress the hidden problem -
a mental energy drain.

But don't worry - mental energy, unlike time, with the right processes, can be created and renewed.


ok ok, TELL ME MORE!

This is why I've created "The Mindfu(e)l Club."

You have big dreams and goals to accomplish

That's why most productive people manage their energy, not their time.

And you also crave a meaningful relationship, personal fulfillment, and time for yourself,
but it may feel like there's never enough time in the day to get it all done
So you might think you need to manage your time better
But the truth is that time is finite.
No matter how much you manage it or how hard you work,
a day will only have 24 hours.
And I don't have to tell you that no "time management hack" can help you
when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or mentally exhausted.

Increased confidence in your abilities to  handle challenging situations and people.

Imagine you could...


Be super productive at your job and feel like you're going after your goals with full force, but you're not ending your day exhausted and tapped out on energy, crashing on the couch and scrolling.

Instead, when you're off the clock,
you're able to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, put effort into your relationship (or into creating one), exercise regularly, eat well, manage to keep up with bills, appointments, and chores, and even have time to pick up a hobby.... 
Sounds pretty amazing, right?

What would be possible with more fuel in the tank?


Starting your day calmly with an intentional morning routine, knowing 'you got this'.

Sitting down to work with a clear action plan, knowing what to prioritize, and that each task is contributing to your bigger goals.

Tackling tasks efficiently and with ease, not procrastinating them, and staying focused so you accomplish more in less time.

Taking purposeful breaks throughout the day to recharge and actually enjoying them (guilt-free!).

Closing your computer with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and leaving your work behind, both physically and mentally.

Being fully present with your loved ones, actively listening, and enjoying the moment (without secretly stressing about work).

Having time to pursue hobbies, side projects, or engage in activities that bring you joy and move you closer to your 'ideal self'.

Going to bed feeling relaxed and satisfied and just closing your eyes without worrying about tomorrow and that email you still haven't sent. 

✔ Bonus

Ability to let go of self-judgment or shame for not doing enough, "slow" results, or past failures.

Immediate relief from the stress and mental load you carry daily. 

✔ Bonus

✔ Bonus

My entire life changed from working with Jeni

I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and my personal life. Now,I have way more clarity and confidence in pursuing my goals. I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel way more confident in my business and have way more energy thanks to her approach to energy-management ~ Ariel


I feel more confident and less stressed

 I no longer second guess my decisions and know how to regulate my mood and that carries value. I use my time more effectively and get more done in the time I do work, so I can relax and enjoy the times I'm not working (and not feel an ounce of guitar about it) ~ Kerri

Anything I want seems achievable with Jeni!

After working with Jeni , I have confidence in my way and my purpose, ability to prioritise better, ability to cope with my fears and blocks so I can move closer to achieving my goals. There's more balance in my life and it feels great. ~ Taly

 is a membership for professionals who are ready to reframe this notion and create a personal and professional life that's based on presence, fulfillment, and joy

The Mindfu(e)l Club


An ever-expanding library of resources, modules & training on hot topics + worksheets to follow along and implement

 (VALUED AT $997)

Personalized support and guidance on our monthly LIVE group coaching calls  

(VALUED AT OVER $1500 for the year!)

Personalized support and guidance on our monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Coach Jeni

(VALUED AT OVER $1500 for the year!)

Refuel you mind with LIVE coaching 

A private global community of like-minded professionals for ongoing motivation, inspiration,  and accountability. 

(VALUED AT $447)


Monthly released templates, guides, personal development challenges, journaling prompts, inspirational resources, and many fun surprises to help fuel your potential and dreams.

Refuel you mind with the community 

P.S. I know you know fueling your mental energy isn't a one-and-done.
That's why what you'll get in The Mindfu(e)l Club is not another time management method;
it's a step-by-step methodology and hand-in-hand support to fuel your mind in any and every situation - a new promotion, a failed project, a stressful deadline, a new partner, a breakup, a new dream or goal...

So, no matter what happens in the future, you will have a set of tools and the mindset to back it, to return to a balanced state. 

Refuel you mind with learning

Like a gym for your mind, The Mindfu(e)l Club provides busy professionals with all the practical strategies and tools, mindset shifts, support, and accountability you need to effectively refuel, manage, and optimize your mind so you can
perform better and, most importantly, feel better. 


Here's what you getting in the Club:

At the core of this club is the understanding that many high-achieving professionals, like me and probably yourself, have been conditioned to believe that if you want to be successful, you have to continue to do more and work harder even if success comes at the cost of personal life and well-being. 


Want to feel like you're an unstoppable badass who has this whole 'adulting' under control? Click here!

I can finally prioritize self care without feeling guilty!

My biggest challenge was not knowing how to break down my goals, feeling overwhelmed, guilty and under productive. I feel much more relaxed, self compassionate, able to take breaks when I need them without feeling guilty.  ~ Mischa


My life has literally turned 180 in 6 weeks, it's crazy! 

Before I started coaching with Jeni I had so many ideas and was not at all focused. Jeni helped me create a clear vision and set attainable goals! For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want and I am doing and getting things done! I also learnt how to say no and let go of things and people that no longer serve my new vision! ~ Dalia

I'm now able to show up more positive every single day!

I now have clarity on what I am doing & how to do it, knowledge on how to manage my energy, confidence in myself & who I am becoming, & understanding the importance of slowing down, moving with ease, & breaking every single task into steps.  ~ Angelica

Ask yourself this question: what would be possible with more fuel in your tank? 

Hey, i'm jeni.

aka @Leisurehacker.

Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic

Ever since I can remember, I believed that happiness was around the corner, and I was willing to work HARD to get it. But no matter how hard I worked or how much I achieved - it never felt enough. 

On the outside, everything looked great - by the time I was 30, I was an award-winning architect, leading a team in a great company and making good money... Nothing was "wrong;" everything was...fine.

But I wasn't really happy. My mind felt like it was "on" all the time, and I would often end my days feeling stressed, exhausted, and frustrated - asking myself, "Is this it?" 
I knew there had to be a better, easier, less stressful way to live life, so I quit my job and went on a journey to try and find it.

This journey led me to discover different practices like energy management, positive intelligence, subconscious reprogramming, mindfulness, etc., and combine them with my knowledge of planning and personal management into what I call today - Mindful Productivity.


I'm the productivity coach for high achievers who want to find less stressful, more balanced ways to get things done, specializing in Mindful Productivity and Mental fitness (PQ).

  • Mindful, focused work that leads to results
  • Celebrating small wins
  • Intentionally creating my dream life 
  • Working in flow
  • Being kind to myself even when I'm not perfect
  • Warm weather, sunshine, and palm trees
  • Avocado toasts, carbs, and coffee  
  • Sunsets, reading at the beach, yoga, family diners
  • Journaling
  • Romcoms (especially Christmas ones)
  • Community 
  • Deep meaningful conversation
  • My family, friends, and like-minded people

My Story

Mindful Productivity is more than just a 'productivity technique' that's going to be yet another thing on your to-do list…  It's a state of mind. It's a lifestyle.  

In the past 10 years, I've been on a mission to break the belief that our worth is equal to our productivity and help high-achieving professionals, just like you, to UNBUSY LIFE and find ways to destress, feel enough and enjoy life (without sacrificing professional success).  

This program was born out of a deep belief that mental energy is the key to it.
This program is everything I wish I had 10 years ago.

My mind used to be a very hectic and anxious place, but since practicing Mindful Productivity, I feel more calm, confident, focused, and fulfilled. My expertise comes from education but also from my life experience. Everything I teach, I practice.

And now, instead of working 80-hour weeks (in my full time+biz) - I'm able to work only four days a week in my dream business while traveling the world and making more money than ever before. And... I get to share all my tools with you!


Now, some personal stuff about me because we will be spending time together: I'm an HD manifestor, enneagram 3, Gemini and INFJ (for everything that means 😅). I live in Tel Aviv, close to a lovely beach, where I love to hang out, read, or just walk by. I'm a vegetarian, dog lover (hopefully a dog mom soon!), beginner surfer, and I'm an internal student - trying to learn something new every day. 

What fuels me:

  • Mindless hustle just for the sake of staying busy
  • Toxic productivity
  • Living on autopilot 
  • Pushing through 
  • Criticizing myself for not being enough
  • Cold weather 
  • Super spicy food  
  • Working on weekends
  • Rehashing "what if" scenarios in my mind
  • Scary movies
  • Competition 
  • Small talk  
  • Negative people 

What drains me:

My  mission

Jeni is seriously a well of knowledge when it comes to productivity, energy management, self care, time off, etc. She never holds anything back and does literally everything in her power to help each individual. She is also one of the kindest humans I know!

I loved Jeni's natural ability to connect with me on an individual level and meet me where I'm at.
There was no one size fits all approach. Jeni is so ready to open up to, and discuss the real issues with, whether it's related to life, business, relationships, parenting, health, dating, etc)
She is there for it all
and never stops supporting you at such a high level. 

Jeni has such positive energy and is beyond supportive. If you want someone to consistently keep you accountable and help push you forward to achieve your goals, Jeni is definitely the person to make it happen and I highly recommend working with her!

I loved Jeni’s enthusiasm about helping me reach my goals. She is really invested in ensuring her clients’ success. She’s very perceptive! And, best of all, she believes in you!
Goal setting has never been so fun and illuminating!

I loved Jeni’s spirit and availability- I could feel she put her heart and soul into it, she was very engaged and available for questions. The actions Jeni suggests is what made it possible for me to keep going because she broke it down to small manageable tasks I could do. 

Jeni is amazing. So much touch and support in the group. The content is WOW! Jeni really brings VALUE ....not fluff... tangible step by step strategies that anyone can implement.

Jeni was so personable, it felt like talking to an old friend. She took everything on board and
we created goals and steps which are clearer than anything I've managed to do by myself since starting my business. Thank you so much, Jeni!

Jeni is really good at helping you to really open up and get to the root of what's going on with no judgement!

Jeni helped me immensely not just in work and productivity, but also with my personal life, confidence, ability to trust myself. 

Jeni genuinely cares about her clients and want them to see results! She really invest in her clients, their emotions, and how she can help them go forward in life feeling more abundant, free, and happier

WHAT people love about working with jeni:

Monthly membership 

Pay in full and get a month for FREE

 Cancel anytime 


Less than a Starbucks coffee a day!

Tired of running on empty? Fuel your mind for just 97$/mo! 

When you'll enroll you'll also get:

Monthly bonuses like templates, guides, personal development challenges, journaling prompts, inspirational resources, and many more fun surprises tdesined o help fuel your potential and dreams.

The Mindfu(e)l Club

  • Setting personal and professional goals that you actually care about  
  • Creating a clear action plan you feel comfortable with and isn't overwhelming.
  • Breaking down goals into small manageable steps so that you'll always know which tasks to focus on (and why)
  • How to prioritize when everything feels urgent and important 
  • How to make time for things that are important but "not urgent"like relationships, self-care, and personal goals…
  • Building a healthy to-do list and schedule that has space for both work and life to co-exist.
  • Managing distractions and increasing focus 
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • Generate creativity even when you don't feel creative and just want to scroll through Instagram. 
  • Setting boundaries and communicating them effectively without feeling guilty about it.  
  • Managing stress and regulating emotions 
  • Managing and optimizing energy levels. 
  • How to create habits that you look forward to and can keep consistently.
  • How to stop worrying about work when you're off the clock so you can be present
  • Releasing guilt/shame from feeling like you're not doing enough.
  • Cultivating self-compassion and embracing realistic expectations.


Some of the things we'll cover inside the club:

Mindful Productivity is a unique neuroscience-based, mindfulness-infused framework I developed combining practical time and task management strategies with neuroscience, positive psychology, and mental fitness (PQ)® intentionally designed to help you think better, work better & feel better.

Listen, the secret to getting what you want is no secret at all: you have to understand what it is you want - increase what will help you get there and decrease what is holding you back. Or, as Timothy Gallwey said, performance is equal to potential minus interference.

Now that you know the WHAT - the question is HOW to do that, and this is what you will learn in the club!

Mindful Productivity

There are a lot of productivity coaches who just focus on how to get more done without any consideration of your life outside of your to-do list. 

Mindful Productivity isn't about doing more things; it's about getting things done. A simple set of principles that will lead you to have more - time, energy, joy, and income - without necessarily *doing* more because you're focusing on doing the right things, more mindfully. 

The Mindfu(e)l Club is here to help you create a life that FEELS good on the inside and not only looks good from the outside.



I started to work more with my energy and listen to my body.

Thanks to you Jeni, I feel more aligned with what I do and who I'm working with and I'm so much better with my time management! She's an amazing coach and I'm so grateful that she helped me become a better version of myself as a person and as an entrepreneur! Thank you! ~Erika  


Since working with Jeni I feel a lot calmer.

 I had so many "aha" moments with Jeni about how I've been holding myself back. I am able to more quickly catch how my thoughts are spiralling and stop them. I can CHOOSE to not go into those stories. This results in better focus, less energy drain and generally a just happier, easier life. ~ Natali 

I had this sense of ease and peace

After working with Jeni, I feel like "everything is going to be ok".I have developed confidence that helped me so much not only in my business but also in my personal life,  more peace of mind, more self-love, and I run my business smarter and smoother thanks to her time and energy management techniques. ~Dana

Mindful people don't run on empty; they fuel on purpose.

No, you're not supposed to know this already.

You see... there is a lot of shame around the subject of time and energy management. 

It's like if you're a high-achieving woman who has done a thing or two in your life - there's this expectation (mostly from yourself, btw 🙊) that you "should" know how to manage life without feeling overwhelmed or that you "should be able to handle it all" without even breaking a sweat.

And even worse - you might think because you came THIS far on your own - you probably "should" figure this out by yourself, too, right? 

Sorry. This is simply not true.

Energy management (and productivity in general) is one of the most fundamental skills for your success and your happiness. Yet, it is often overlooked. 

Yes, you can be really smart and really good at what you do and even be really successful and STILL be bad at managing your time and energy - and that doesn't say anything about you - except the fact that you never properly learned these skills. Well, now is your chance.

give it to me baby

"My entire life changed from working with Jeni."

Before, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done. Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel more confident and have way more energy! 

"My entire mindset has been up-leveled"

 I was looking for support with overwhelm and "ADHD" tendencies and honestly, my entire mindset and how I look at challenges in my life has been up-leveled. While I prided myself in being a positive and strengths-based thinker, this brought it to a new level for me.

"I now see a clear path towards career success that I couldn't see before."

I had a chronic state of stress that ruined every good element in my life, and I felt like I was in a downward spiral. After working with Jeni, I became more productive in my day-to-day tasks and more confident. I manage to handle stress more efficiently and quickly, and even my relationship has improved significantly.   

Before MFC, I would try to get as much done in one day as humanly possible and be exhausted.
Now I know I operate in business AND life so much better when I am well taken care of.
And a plus, I get more done at a higher level!

"Super mindset shift"

I no longer feel like I need to spend so much time on work to finish it; rather, I can settle my mind and quickly assess and solve problems. I spend more time giving 100 percent to the moment rather than dwelling on what I'm not doing or should be doing.  

"I'm much more confident in achieving my business goals!"

I was so restless and couldn't focus on the tasks at hand. I would get overwhelmed by starting one task, getting impatient/frustrated, and jumping to the next task. Now I'm able to catch myself in the moment when I'm feeling frustrated or anxious, shift, and re-focus. 

"I literally feel X100 better"

I feel less stressed, more confident, more calm! Jeni has helped me feel more confident in my decision-making, and has taught me different ways to connect with myself so that I can take more aligned action.

Yeah but... now isn't a good time....

Look, many people find joy and fulfillment in their work, and there's nothing wrong with that.

On the contrary - I hope you love what you do and are good at it - this is what got you this far - however, when work becomes the sole focus and other important aspects of life, such as personal relationships, self-care, hobbies, and overall well-being, are neglected - this is when we need to talk...

I know it might feel like it's not a good time for this (but it's never a good time to prioritize yourself), or you're waiting until "things slow down" before you can find the time for yourself. But that's the thing - you don't find the time - you make the time.

The last thing I want for you is to look back on your life with regret - having missed out on meaningful life experiences, milestones, and moments of joy because you were too busy or you didn't have the time or energy for it.

Choosing to join the Mindfu(e)l Club is not about adding another commitment to your busy schedule; it's about creating a space for you to seize the opportunities that might slip through the cracks when you're running on empty.

It's choosing YOURSELF and all the things you're tired of missing out on. And no... it's not "selfish". It's necessary. Your loved ones deserve the best of you - not the rest of you. 


What if hard work, struggle and constant stress were NOT essential ingredients for success

You know you can do anything if you put your mind to it - but if your mind is cluttered, overwhelmed, or drained - these will be the results you'll see in your life.

Your energy levels have a profound effect on the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act, which, in turn, affects the way you move through the world and experience your life.

When our mental energy is running low, it becomes challenging to find the energy needed to take meaningful action toward our dreams - we start procrastinate taking action or making decisions, and even resisting things we know aren't good for us becomes a struggle.

No matter how much skill and talent you have, it's impossible to perform, much less to perform at your best, with insufficient fuel in our tanks.


Chronic lack of energy is a dream killer, it will suck the life out of all of your goals and desires.
Join The Mindfu(e)l Club to discover how doing less, but better is actually the secret to having more. 

  • You dream of a life where you aren’t stressed about all the things as soon as you open your eyes.
  • You have a genuine desire and motivation to create positive change in your life.
  • You're open-minded and growth-oriented - willing to explore your current habits and mindset and open to learning and implementing new strategies and techniques.  
  • You're ready to invest in yourself and aren’t afraid to do the work.

  • You aren't open to change, personal growth, or external guidance 
  • You're resistant to exploring your current habits, mindset, and behaviors.
  • You think you already "know" and have tried everything
  • You are satisfied with the way you manage your time and energy, even if it means sacrificing personal or leisure activities.  
  • You're not willing to invest time and effort into improving your life. 

Mindfu(e)l Club is perfect for you if:

Mindfu(e)l Club is NOT for you if:

What do people love about the Club?

The value and the price point make it an absolute no brainer.
Jeni delivers and the community is amazing!

Jeni! She is amazing. So much touch and support in the group. The content is WOW!
Jeni really brings VALUE ....not fluff... tangible step by step strategies that anyone can implement.

The community, Jeni and how much she cares for us, the workshops, the calls . literally everything!

Jeni's accountability, support & motivation, being part of an intimate and supportive community, the workbooks, the weekly goal threads

Jeni is the support system any person needs!

Being around a bunch of like minded females was a brilliant experience

 The workbooks and slide decks are incredible, and something I enjoy going back to more than once. 

Everything! I love the open vulnerability of the calls and the one on one time with Jeni even in a group setting

 The community has really been the best! Getting to support others that are in similar situations as myself.

The workshops have had me rethink things I wouldn't have even thought to do.
I'm also a big big fan of having the guest speakers!

I had no idea what to expect from this program and I left with an entire community, support, insight, fresh ideas - everything that you need as a business owner.

I feel so much more confident in knowing that I have a community of people who are going through the same things as I am. There were definitely days where I was feeling extremely low in my productivity and The Club lifted me right back up!

I love the topics Jeni's covering, and how she knows so much about each one, and that it's not overcomplicated.  

I like having access to the community, and access to Jeni.
And learning to set weekly intentions - which forces me to plan out the week

Monthly membership 

Pay in full and get a month for FREE

 Cancel anytime 


Less than a Starbucks coffee a day!

Tired of running on empty? Fuel your mind for just 97$/mo! 

When you'll enroll you'll also get:

Monthly bonuses like templates, guides, personal development challenges, journaling prompts, inspirational resources, and many more fun surprises tdesined o help fuel your potential and dreams.

The Mindfu(e)l Club

you have questions - we have answers

How will I know if THE MINDFU(E)L CLUB right FOR ME? 

How will I know if THE MINDFU(E)L CLUB right FOR ME? 

Whether you're working for yourself or have a full-time job, and you feel that by the time you finish taking care of everyone and everything, you have no energy left for life outside of work, like exercising properly, going on dates, or taking your dreams to the next level, etc. - This is the program for you.

If you feel like your thoughts and mental habits (like stress, worry, overthinking, procrastination, etc) are controlling your life instead of you controlling them- This is the program for you.



Well, you won't know for sure until you try, right?

We have plenty of testimonials from members experiencing LIFE-CHANGING results, but also, logically - think for a second about going to the gym every day for a couple of months - there's no chance you won't see results!
'The Mindfu(e)l Club' is like a gym for your mind - if you stick with the practices and process inside the club - there's no chance you won't see a change!

I know you may have tried other things in the past, and they didn't last - this is exactly why 'The Mindfu(e)l Club' is a membership and not a quick-fix solution. Mindful productivity is a lifestyle, and it takes time to make the mental and practical adjustments - luckily, Jeni and the group are here to support you and hold you accountable to the process every step of the way.

How much time and effort is required?

How much time and effort is required?

First, 'The Mindfu(e)l Club' is here to make your life easier- not to be "yet another thing on your to-do list."

You'll learn practical strategies and techniques that will ultimately save you a lot of time and help you improve the quality of your life. And just like at the gym - the more you put into practice - the better and faster results you'll see, but the structure is designed to fit into busy schedules - there are easy-to-consume self-paced learning modules you can access at your own pace, and Jeni is in the group all the time to hold you accountable and answer any questions. 

Also, I understand the importance of saving time, which is why I am going to continue putting out amazing bonuses specifically designed to save you HOURS in your work and help organize your life with ease. 





Mental Energy management is not a magical solution to eliminate challenging situations, thoughts (or people 😅) but rather a tool to help you navigate your commitments, tasks, and struggles more effectively, calmly, and confidently.

If you're not physically fit, you'll feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.
If you're not mentally fit, you'll feel mental stress as you handle work and life challenges.

By fueling your mind and boosting your mental strength, you'll be able to approach your tasks with greater focus, clarity, calmness, confidence, and resilience.  



Therapy is amazing, and we highly recommend it. 'The Mindfu(e)l Club' is in no way a replacement for therapy but can be an excellent companion and expander. 

In traditional therapy (or coaching), you usually meet once a week for 1 hour. In between sessions, you're on your own. 'The Mindfu(e)l Club' is a place where you can get accountability and support all day, every day. 

What if I miss the live coaching calls?

What if I miss the live coaching calls?

No worries! Replays will be available inside the membership portal so you can watch at your convenience and get support and accountability from Jeni and the group at any time!
This is an ongoing progress, so you're never "missing out" or "behind". 

WHAT IF I DON'T like group settings? 

WHAT IF I DON'T like group settings? 

'The Mindfu(e)l Club' is a safe space with others on the same journey as you, and being a part of a community might actually enhance your experience. Research shows a 500% increase in the completion rate due to peer accountability, and the sense of others going through the same struggles as you - does wonders to the soul.

Nonetheless, on top of the unique community espect - you are free to watch the modules and recordings and learn at your own pace without sharing anything with the group. 


Can I join at any time?

Can I join at any time?

'The Mindfu(e)l Club' only opens for enrollment a few time a year so we can give my full attention to new members & ensure they feel welcomed & supported when they join. 

To be notified as soon as the Membership opens again, please join the waitlist.

Can I get a refund or cancel if I’m not enjoying?

Can I get a refund or cancel if I’m not enjoying?

We don't offer refunds due to the nature of the service. However, if you're on a monthly plan, you can cancel anytime - Just give us 30 days' notice.

Is it just for women?


Not at all. We're an inclusive bunch here 🤗 "Low mental energy" is not an exclusive problem for women, so however you identify - you're welcome to join and be part of the club! 



I know, right? Just click here . 

Got this far and still have questions, or you just want to make sure you're making a great decision - No problem! Please get in touch with Jeni via email or send her a DM, and she'll be happy to talk things through 🤍 

What do people love about the Club?

Your accountability, support & motivation, being part of an intimate and supportive community, the workbooks, the weekly goal threads

 ~ Dalia

I love this space and wouldn't change anything!

I looooove everything! 

The accountability of an entire community is amazing.I love the workbooks and slide decks are incredible, and something I enjoy going back to more than once. ~Stephanie

I got the accountability to stick to my goals & habits

I feel that I have more time to do what I love, my well being has improved, my overall satisfaction and happiness increased. ~ Anna

I'm feeling supported and part of a community that actually cares about eachother

 I have started to become more clear on my goals and letting go of things that aren't going to improve my life.The community, Jeni and how much she cares for us, the workshops, the calls . I love literally everything! ~ Emily


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