Hey, I'm Jeni.

I help busy individuals, leaders, and teams find better, less stressful ways to get more done through a neuroscience-based, mindfulness-infused approach to productivity.

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Your "to-do list" is distributed between endless notes on your phone or random pieces of paper, emails you sent to yourself, unread messages, calendar reminders, and things you swear you remember you need to do, so you feel overwhelmed by ALL the things.

You can never get through your mile-long to-do list to your satisfaction. Actually, no matter how much you do, it feels like you're never doing enough, and you're always short on time.

You can sit in front of your computer all day and feel like you work a lot, but you end some days asking yourself, "What did I even accomplish today?" (more times than you like to admit…) 

You don't have the time or mental bandwidth for the things you want to create because you are constantly putting out fires and reacting to notifications and other people's agendas.

At the end of the day, you struggle to find the energy for exercise, relationships, or hobbies.

And if we're totally honest, you might not know how to (or you're afraid to) close the 50 tabs currently open in your computer (and in your brain) and just be present. 

but truthfully, you don't always know how to manage your thoughts, tasks, or energy effectively, so there's a gap between what you want to achieve and what you actually get done at work, not to mention having the energy for other as important areas (like relationships, fitness, or hobbies)... 

Are you pretty good at 'getting things done',

Tell me, which of these sounds like you?

Look, I get it... I also know that on the outside, things look great, they really are... but perhaps inside, you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed (or just want more from life), which makes it even harder to admit that things need to change and they need to change now.

Is this even for me?

We operate in a culture obsessed with 'being busy,' hustle, and achievements.

If you're like most high-achievers, you may have been conditioned to believe  from a young age that the rewards we receive are proportional to the amount of effort we put in, so if you want to be successful, you *have* to continue to do more and work harder (and that secretly you're only as good as what you accomplish and how people see you)...

So you may have spent years chasing the next achievement or project and trying to constantly push yourself to work harder and be better. 

But pushing yourself relentlessly can come with a price - physically, mentally, and emotionally, it can hurt relationships and your ability to actually enjoy  life (or your work). And in turn, it affects how you show up and perform - because honestly, how energetic or focused can you show up when you're tired, stressed, or mentally exhausted, right?



Let's go from busy to balanced >

do more, work harder 

MAKE MORE BY DOING Less, but better.  

Why, What's the problem?

More focus & energy

Mindful     +     Productivity       =        Mindful Productivity 



Mindful Productivity 

   +                                =                         +    


Practical techniques to manage thoughts & regulate stress

A holistic methodology to reach your professional goals without sacrificing your relationships, health, or wellbeing.

What's the solution?

Effective strategies to master tasks, time & energy

Less stress & worry

Achieve More

Feel fulfilled





Have you ever considered that hard work, constant stress, and sacrifice were NOT essential to your success? 
Imagine you had a simple method to achieve more professionally (without actually working more), so you could also accomplish your personal goals and desires... Wouldn't it feel amazing?

Mindful Productivity is a unique method I developed combining practical productivity strategies, modern-day mindfulness, and Positive Intelligence (PQ)® intentionally designed to help you think better, work better & feel better.

It's more than a time-management strategy or a productivity hack - it's a way of life.  

Mindful Productivity isn't about doing things; it's about getting things done and finding the balance between high achievements and feeling enough. A simple set of principles that leads us to have more - time, energy, and income - without necessarily *doing* more because we're focusing on doing the right things, better.


What if I told you it doesn't have to be this way?

Let me introduce you to Mindful Productivity: 

 &  Have the energy for the things that truly matter.

(In Less Time)

"Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!"

I learned to set clear boundaries and work fewer hours (but be even more productive). I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work and started prioritizing my wellbeing.

"My entire life changed from working with Jeni."

Before, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done. Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel more confident and have way more energy! 

"I spend so much less time in my monkey mind"

I am able to approach life totally differently with more confidence, less fear, and more drive. Hard problems and projects always had me overthinking and procrastinating but now I feel peaceful and focused.

"I now see a clear path towards career success that I couldn't see before."

I had a chronic state of stress that ruined every good element in my life, and I felt like I was in a downward spiral. After working with Jeni, I became more productive in my day-to-day tasks and more confident. I manage to handle stress more efficiently and quickly, and even my relationship has improved significantly.   

"My entire mindset has been up-leveled"

 I was looking for support with overwhelm and ADHD tendencies and honestly, my entire mindset and how I look at challenges in my life has been up-leveled. While I prided myself in being a positive and strengths-based thinker, this brought it to a new level for me.

"Super mindset shift"

I no longer feel like I need to spend so much time on work to finish it; rather, I can settle my mind and quickly assess and solve problems. I spend more time giving 100% to the moment rather than dwelling on what I'm not doing or should be doing.  

"I'm much more confident in achieving my business goals!"

I was so restless and couldn't focus on the tasks at hand. I would get overwhelmed by starting one task, getting impatient/frustrated, and jumping to the next task. Now I'm able to catch myself in the moment when I'm feeling frustrated or anxious, shift, and re-focus. 

"I literally feel X100 better"

I feel less stressed, more confident, more calm! Jeni has helped me feel more confident in my decision-making, and has taught me different ways to connect with myself so that I can take more aligned action.

I'm a Mindful Productivity & Mental Fitness (PQ) coach and an international keynote speaker.

My work is the intersection between productivity and well-being as I combine neuroscience and practical time and energy management strategies, together with positive psychology and modern-day mindfulness.

I'm on a mission to redefine productivity as 'achieving meaningful outcomes and living a fulfilling life' rather than simply working more and help busy individuals and teams to find better, less stressful ways to achieve big goals without having to sacrifice their relationships, health, or happiness.

Hey, i'm jeni.

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Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic

Coaching for busy individuals, leaders, or entrepreneurs looking to create extraordinary results in their professional life while balancing it with their personal goals and desires. 

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What people are saying:

I can't even put into words how much I feel I've transformed mentally.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this program and I'm a completely different as a person and business owner in such a short amount of time. 


My entire mindset have been up-leveled. I feel much more confident in myself since working with Jeni, I no longer second-guess my decisions, and my stress levels have decreased. I have tools to work around my up and down days, use my time more effectively, and get more done in the time I do work, so I can relax and enjoy the times I'm not working (and not feel an ounce of guilt about it). 


Before working with Jeni, I would try to get as much done in one day as humanly possible and be exhausted. Now I get more done at a higher level, feel so much more confidence, have new techniques for energy management (a lifesaver!) and habits to support me in my entrepreneurial journey. 


Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!
Instead of working all day (and still not being productive), I learned to set clear boundaries, work fewer hours, and still be even more productive.
I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work, learned to appreciate my leisure time, and started prioritizing my wellbeing. 


My entire life changed from working with Jeni.
Before working with her, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and my personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done.
Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel way more confident in my business and have way more energy!


My life is different because I don't spend so much time doubting myself or being scared of the future.
I am now able to plan my day more purposefully and each day contributes to my bigger goals. I can go to bed each night knowing that I took action that day to move the needle forward in my business. 


 I literally feel X100 better, less stressed, more confident, more calm!

Jeni has helped me put things into perspective, feel more confident in my decision making, and has thought me different ways to pause and reflect and connect with myself so that I can make more aligned action.


After working with Jeni, I have developed confidence that helped me so much not only in my business but also in my personal life; I have more peace of mind, more self-love, and run my business smarter and smoother thanks to her time and energy management techniques.


After working with Jeni I have clarity on what I am doing & how to do it, knowledge on how to manage my energy, confidence in myself, and understanding the importance of moving with ease, & breaking every single task into steps. 


I would really recommend working with Jeni, she has got sooo much knowledge and has helped me immensely not just in work and productivity, but also with my personal life, self compassion, confidence, and ability to trust myself. 


My life has literally turned 180 in 6 weeks, it's crazy! Instead of just thinking and planning, I am DOING and achieving things! I have broken so many limiting beliefs!


I felt like I turned a corner after working with Jeni. I felt more armed and ready to go. That confidence is priceless!
She’ll find out and help you tackle your roadblocks so you can succeed at whatever matters to you - you’ll feel totally energized and any overwhelming feeling will be gone. 


~ Courtney Carver

I don’t say no because I am so busy. I say no because I don’t want to be so busy.





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