Are you ready to reclaim your time, become your very best self, achieve great success and be happy?

My 1:1 coaching is designed to support and help you create the life you want for yourself. This is a uniquely personalized program, working through my special methodology, but tailored specifically to your needs and areas where you need support most. 

Research shows that when people live to their highest performing potential, they ultimately lead happier lives and that lead to more health, less stress, more success, abundance, and joy.  

Just as athletes hire coaches to help them excel in their fields and reach certain goals, people who want to excel in life or business hire coaches to inspire, educate, motivate, and to hold them accountable.

1: 1 Coaching


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+ You feel like there's never enough hours in the day.

+ You're feeling overwhelmed with ALL the things you need to do, and you don't know where to start. 

+ You feel like you want change, but fear is holding you back.

+ You like setting goals, but don't always know how to follow through, stay focused, and motivated or stick to your plans.

+ You feel like you're meant for more, but there's a gap between what you want to achieve and what you actually get done. 

+ You struggle with imposter syndrome and don't think you have what it takes to achieve your biggest dreams.

+ You're tired of working countless hours and seeing little results, ending up feeling exhausted and frustrated.

+ You need to have everything absolutely perfect, and that's blocking you from getting things done

+ You are overthinking and second guessing, procrastinating, or just postponing things to the last minute.

+ You feel pressure to succeed and do more, and that's causing you stress and anxiety.

 + You feel guilty about relaxing and taking time off.

 + You want to live life to the fullest, enjoy it, and have no regrets. 
+ You are ready to stop only "wanting more" but also to take action. 


This is for you if...

"This is so me..."

It doesn't have to be like this...

Girl, I get it! but...  

Waking up energized and motivated to tackle the day, having a clear action plan for every step of the way. 

Feeling empowered and confident AF showing up in your business and personal life. 

Feeling in control over your tasks, time, and schedule. 
Flowing through your day with happiness and ease, no matter the circumstances. 

Having the freedom to create the life YOU want for yourself.

Going to bed, satisfied with your accomplishments for the day, and stress-free. 

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Now imagine this...

* Sign up for a free discovery call to see if this is for you!

+ Gain a clear vision of the life you want to create.

+ Create smart goals, backed with a step-by-step strategic plan for the next 90 days to achieve them through aligned action.

+ Work on creating the right mindset for success.

+ Learn how to manage your time and energy in order to perform at your best consistently without burnout.

+ Learn to plan, prioritize, focus and stay motivated to reach all of your goals with less stress.

 + Establish simple habits and routines to help you get sh*t done & incorporate self-care & downtime in all areas of your life.

+ Discover how to balance your professional goals, personal passions and well being. 
+ Master how to cultivate positive emotions & use practical tools of positive psychology.
+ Get all the support, accountability and good vibes you'll need to thrive.

 By working with me, you will: 

Yes girl, I know you've read all the blog posts and downloaded ALL the freebies and you may know some of the things I'm teaching but you haven't applied them in your life. 

That's where I come in to the picture.... 

My unique methodology:

This pillar is all about understanding what we really want, creating a vision, setting intention and learning how to overcome what's holding us back.

This pillar is all about creating the freedom to move from the life we have now towards the life we want and learning how to get more done in less time at a higher level of engagement.

This pillar is all about sprinkling some happiness on life, creating happy & healthy habits and routines, cultivating positive emotions and setting ourselves up for success.

Habits + Happiness


After working with me, you’ll walk away with a system of customized habits, effective time and energy management techniques, and all the positive energy and mindset you need to thrive and become more deliberate about the life you lead.

High-level success comes from doing all the simple things that everyone knows they should do, but no one actually does

Warren Buffett

12 x 60-minute private online coaching sessions (via Zoom) 
Access to me via Voxer with unlimited text or voice notes for support, accountability, questions, motivation and good vibes

Guided action steps and exercises to work on after every session + additional workbooks/checklists/templates that will support your growth

Additional recommended resources to read/watch (optional)

Here's what's included:

1:1 90 days private coaching  

Investment: 1800$

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"yes, I'm ready to live the life I deserve"

90 min

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1:1 intensives

This goal-setting 1:1 single-session coaching is designed to support you in achieving clarity on your goals by helping you set the right goals with intention, and figuring out how to get them.

Together, we'll get clear on what you want, and by the end of this session, you will have a personalized plan on how to move forward without stress or burnout.

 By working with me, you will: 

Gain clarity on your goals

Create S.M.A.R.T goals, backed with a strategic step-by-step 90-day plan of aligned action.

Learn to plan, prioritize, focus, and stay motivated.

Address  mindset issues (procrastination, perfectionism, motivation, and consistency) and start working on establishing simple habits and routines to help you get sh*t done while balancing your emotional needs, personal life, and work-life.

Here's what's included:

Goal setting workbook

90-minute private online coaching sessions (via Zoom)

Two weeks access to me via Voxer for unlimited text or voice note support, accountability, questions, motivation, and good vibes

1:1 intensive
Goal setting and clarity

Investment: 175$

Yes Jen, i'm ready

I loved Jeni’s enthusiasm.... She is really invested in ensuring her clients’ success.
She breaks huge seemingly insurmountable goals into doable steps. Also, she really hones in on what might be getting in your way. She’s very perceptive! And, best of all, she believes in you!  Goal setting has never been so fun and illuminating!


Honestly, she has some of the best energy of anyone I have met. Why would you not want to surround yourself with that healing, guiding, upbeat energy!? Definitely work with her!
You will love it, learn so much, and feel so good after every session! 

Lauren B

Amazing, helpful, meaningful, and motivating. Jeni is just inspiring, full of knowledge, sensitivity, humor, and drive. A must-have for those who want to help themselves take another step toward excellence.


Even if you think you know a lot about goal setting and getting a things done, you will come away armed with new knowledge and a new perspective to accomplish whatever you desire.  I felt lighter immediately! Someone believed in me, understood what I wanted to do, and helped me envision an amazing outcome.


 Jeni is a strong and inspiring woman who manages to delivers exactly what everyone needs to hear to fulfill their dreams


Jeni was so much fun to work with! Her creativity, availability and the passion for what she does makes her one of the best. She has this ability to understand exactly what you need and what is your vision - and help make your dreams come true.


I love Jeni's positivity! She also has so much knowledge and ideas! I literally feel 100 X better once we finish our calls, less stressed, more confident, calmer! She is literally like a breath of fresh air!

Lauren B

As someone who has been following Jeni's content for a long time, it has been priceless...
Her energy and knowledge are certainly inspiring.


After just one session with Jeni, I had a doable plan. I had my goal broken down into steps with a specific timeline. I had a workbook to follow and clarity on my final vision. I am more aware of how to avoid the potential pitfalls that could impact my success. Finally, and equally important, I feel supported and definitely more confident to succeed!


An eye-opener! Jeni emphasizes the most necessary and essential things needed to achieve the life I want to have.... Thank you for every minute.


Jeni was so personable, it felt like talking to an old friend. She took everything on board and within 30 minutes we created goals and steps which are clearer than anything I've managed to do by myself since starting my business.
Thank you so much, Jeni!

Abigail B

Jeni is really good at helping you to really open up and get to the root of what's going on with no judgement!

Valerie M

Lighthearted, positive and uplifting. Jeni has a good energy, that makes you open up and also get out the things that maybe you were not aware of or you were avoiding to admit.

Cristina P

Wonderful and worthwhile. Thanks again for the tips!

Susan D

Don't have a doubt whether to work with Jeni or not - every hour with her is pure GOLD! If you have a problem, Jeni has the answer. She's insightful and knowledgeable in so many areas, it's like she has the guidebook for happy life! who doesn't need some of that? 

taly k

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