in 3 months.

A  science-based container for high-achieving people who want to find a less stressful way to be successful. 




You are just weeks away from increased balance in your work, life, and bank account.


Mindful Productivity increases your productivity so you can have more - time, money, joy, and freedom - without *doing* more.


I can see you nodding your head... don't feel bad, I get it. (I really do...). I was exactly there a few years ago without even realizing how bad it was... The fact is that you've made it this far means you're smart, talented, and hard-working, but I don't have to tell you how you do things now is not sustainable. 

You feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities on your plate right now and the constant pressure to show up and do it ALL (and then feel bad when you don't...).

You frequently work long hours, do a lot and feel non-stop busy without actually getting a lot done or end some days asking yourself, "What did I even do today?" (more times than you like to admit…) 

You don't have the time or mental bandwidth for the things you want to create because you are constantly putting out fires and reacting to notifications or other people's agendas.

You know you "should" feel grateful for your work and all the things that are going on for you, but that just makes the guilt of wanting to pause life and run off to Thailand for a month that much worse. 

You're tired of hearing "You're always busy" from your loved ones or having to pass on fun things because you have a hard time establishing boundaries at work and don't have enough energy for the things you *want* to do after doing the things you *have* to do.

You feel like you can't slow down or unplug (because everything will fall apart). 
And if we're totally honest, you might not even know how to (or you're afraid to) close the million tabs currently open in your computer (and in your brain) and just be present. 

You're ready to change that (or at least you want to be).

I assume that from the outside, things may look like they are going great - you may even appear like you have your sh*t together, but truthfully, inside, you may feel stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed with ALL the things.

Tell me, which of these sounds like you?

Now... can you imagine it didn't have to be this hard?

If you're like most high-achievers, you may have been conditioned to believe that if you want to be successful, you HAVE to continue to do more and work harder (and that secretly you're only as good as what you accomplish), so you've spent years constantly chasing the next achievement or project, perhaps never feeling happy with where you are right now.

But pushing yourself relentlessly comes with a price - physically, mentally, and emotionally, it hurts relationships and your ability to actually enjoy work (...or life). And in turn, it affects how you show up and perform (because honestly, how energetic or focused can you show up to work when you're tired, overwhelmed, or mentally exhausted??) 

Being a high achiever isn't a bad thing. NOT AT ALL. But I'm sure you can agree that success is NOT a reflection of how much time you put in or how hard you work - it's only a reflection of how calm, clear, and focused your mind is.

And with Mindful Productivity, you can train your mind to be more present and efficient, just like you can train your body to run a 5k, so you can reach those next-level professional (and income) goals AND have a thriving personal life.
And this is exactly why I created "Busy to Balanced."

"My entire life changed from working with Jeni."

Before, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done.

Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel more confident in my business and have way more energy!

"Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!"

I learned to set clear boundaries and work fewer hours (but be even more productive). I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work and started prioritizing my wellbeing.

"I literally feel X100 better"

I feel less stressed, more confident, more calm!
Jeni has helped me feel more confident in my decision-making, and has taught me different ways to connect with myself so that I can take more aligned action.

"My life has turned 180 in 6 weeks"

It's crazy!
Instead of just thinking and planning, I am DOING and achieving things! I have broken so many limiting beliefs and have so much more clarity and confidence!  

"I spend so much less time in my monkey mind"

I am able to approach life totally differently with more confidence, less fear, and more drive. Hard problems and projects always had me overthinking and procrastinating but now
I feel peaceful and focused.


Discover how doing less is actually the secret to having more.

Whether you're working for yourself, have a full-time job, or juggling a few side projects, this container is for you if you're tired of sacrificing your life and curious to discover how doing less (but better) is actually the secret to having more. 

Mindful productivity
is the most effective way to train your mind to think better, work better and feel better, and after working with me, you'll get a system of simple tools and mindset shifts, allowing you to be successful at work without burning out while staying sane, present and having a rich personal life. 

Prioritize tasks and focus on what matters most instead of doing ALL the things, ALL the time.

Manage your schedule to accommodate both personal and professional goals. 

Set better boundaries with clients, colleagues, and needy loved ones (without feeling bad about it).

Have clarity and confidence when making decisions without calling your mom/bestie/partner every time so they can just validate what you already know you should do.

Generate creativity even when you don't feel creative and just want to scroll through Insta. 

Find the middle between "I'm either going to do it perfectly or not at all."

Manage your stress so you won't spiral for hours after every encounter with the stupidity of others. 

Release the guilt and self-criticism from not doing enough, taking time off, or past failures.

Be present so you can actually enjoy all the time you're going to have and the people you spend it with. 

And all this in just 3 months. 

Peace of mind and a sense of ease when you wake up instead of that tightness in your body that comes from dreading the day and all the things you need to do.

Control over your schedule & tasks (instead of constantly putting out fires).

Confidence in your abilities to handle situations like a badass and that internal trust that no matter what happens - you got this. 

A feeling of "enoughness."

Freed up mental space to dream bigger. 

More time (to travel, spend with your loved ones, pursue passion projects, or just have time for your personal development stuff).


Stay focused without getting distracted by the million thoughts in your head or the belief everyone is doing better than you. 
Breathe easier knowing you have a plan to replenish any energy you spend, so you don't have to hold back out fear of burning out. 

Feel confident that you can get back to your routines instead of "falling off the wagon" at the first sign of change or "an extra busy week." 

Take aligned action without overthinking everything or hearing that little voice in the back of your mind whispering, "who the f do you think you are to do this?"

Feel energized and show up as your best self for work and life.

Go on a "date night" and be truly present or just chill on the coach at the end of the day without constantly refreshing apps on your phone, worrying about that email you still need to send (or feeling guilty you didn't).

Sleep at night snuggled like a baby because you're satisfied with your accomplishments for the day and can't wait to tackle more things tomorrow. 

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Can you already begin to imagine just how much your life will change when you're able to remain present, calm, and focused even on the busiest days or while handling major challenges? 

How would that sense of balance feel? What would that do to your work? To your relationship and to how you show up for the world? 

What people are saying

I can't even put into words how much I feel I've transformed mentally.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this program and I'm a completely different as a person and business owner in such a short amount of time. I have strength I didn't know I had, confidence in my abilities, goals I've set for myself, an understanding of my core values, and so much more!


Jeni helped me with so many mindset shifts, how to deal with my fears, and how to overcome my limiting beliefs. 
After working with Jeni, I have developed confidence that helped me so much not only in my business but also in my personal life; I have more peace of mind, more self-love, and run my business smarter and smoother thanks to her time and energy management techniques.


Working with Jeni helped me get my life back!
Instead of working all day (and still not being productive), I learned to set clear boundaries, work fewer hours, and still be even more productive.
I stopped feeling guilty about the times I did not work, learned to appreciate my leisure time, and started prioritizing my wellbeing. 
It helped me set better goals and stick to my habits consistently!


Before working with Jeni, I would try to get as much done in one day as humanly possible and be exhausted. Now I know I operate in business AND life so much better when I am well taken care of. And a plus, I get more done at a higher level!
I feel so much more confidence, faith in myself, I have new techniques for energy management (a lifesaver!) and habits to support me in my entrepreneurial journey.


My entire life changed from working with Jeni. I have more clarity and confidence in both my personal and professional goals.
Before working with her, I wouldn't stop procrastinating both in my business and my personal life and was running around in circles without getting anything done.
Now, I actually get work done and enjoy life more in general. I feel way more confident and have way more energy thanks to her approach to energy-management.


Jeni has helped me put things into perspective, feel more confident in my decision making, and has thought me different ways to pause and reflect and connect with myself so that I can make more aligned action.

 I literally feel X100 better, less stressed, more confident, more calm! 


I would really recommend working with Jeni, she has got sooo much knowledge and has helped me immensely not just in work and productivity, but also with my personal life, confidence, ability to trust myself.
I feel much more relaxed, able to take breaks when I need them without feeling guilty and prioritize self care. I have more clarity in my business direction, more self compassion, better at energy management, and a lot of new useful tools I've learned that I can use. Also, she is so friendly, supportive and easy to talk to.


I'm a Mindful Productivity and  Mental Fitness (PQ) coach, and an international keynote speaker.

As a former type A, perfectionist workaholic  - I'm on a mission to redefine productivity outside of the hustle culture, find the balance between high performance and happiness, and help high achieving people, just like you, to find a less stressful way to be successful.

My work is the intersection between productivity and wellbeing. Combining practical time and energy management strategies, cognitive and positive psychology, neuroscience, and modern-day mindfulness intentionally designed to help people reach their professional goals without burning out while having time and energy for a thriving personal life.


Hey, i'm jeni.

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 Aka Leisure hacker.

Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic

~ Robin Sharma

Saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving. Eventually it will catch up with you. 

If you're like some people reading this, you may be thinking," I know I need this, but I don't have time for this..." Please - you barely have time to read this page, right? Or perhaps you feel like slowing down will stop the momentum you're on and all the achievements you worked so hard to accomplish. 

Now, if you feel that you don't have time for even two minutes of practice a day - then we DEFINITELY have to talk.
As you begin to practice mindful productivity, you'll quickly start to realize that slowing down is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity. A stressed brain simply doesn't perform at optimal levels.
But with Mindful Productivity - you can have both.

How would it feel like to get sh*t done and not be stressed about it? What would it feel to look back on this year and count not only your accomplishments but also your memories and joyful moments? 
Let's hop on a quick call and see how I can help you do that.

What if I told you you could learn to calm down and focus with a 2-minute practice a few times a day?

i'm curious, tell me more

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You want
it ALL.

You want it ALL.

If you're like any of my clients (or like me)  - you probably want it all:
~ You want to be a better version of yourself - a more calm, confident, "has her sh*t together," happy version of yourself. 
~ You want to make more money. Consistently. 
~ And to be in a loving, passionate, happy relationship with the love of your life (or find one....).
~ You want to lose some weight and finally stick to that healthy routine(you know... just so you can feel a bit better about yourself) 
~ You want to manage your time better so you can travel more, have time for yourself or just get things done without feeling frustrated. 
~ You want to enjoy life to the fullest.

I get it. Oh boy, do I get it... 

So you buckle up and start this personal development journey only to get bombarded with all these different frameworks and modalities - "The 3 secrets of managing time", "10 steps to attract your soul mate", 5 hacks to lose 5 pounds", "10 ways to 10k" and so on and so on. All these frameworks compete for space in your brain, leaving you too overwhelmed to apply it or just fade away after a few weeks because, seriously, who can keep up with it all?

But no more. 

Mindful productivity works on the root cause of how your mind operates and has a simple, common operating system that applies to ALL personal and professional development. Because, as you know - achieving a weight loss goal or an income goal - all starts with your mind - learning how to manage it will help you in ALL areas of your life -dramatically simplifying personal and professional development.  


ok, Let's talk

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I'm guessing that you've already tried many different things, you're probably very aware of the "problem" and maybe even *know* how to solve it, but you haven't seen the change you want (YET!).
The overlooked reason for this is that change is created through 20% knowledge and 80% practice. You need more than good advice or powerful insight; you need proven strategies and tools that will make a difference.

This is why this container includes an exclusive Mental Fitness (PQ)® training app - to help you practice new ways of thinking. 
Our bite-sized app-guided practice is built to fit your busy schedule and will leave you feeling motivated through instant feedback on exactly how much progress you're making towards your goal.

I promise you - personal development has never been this fun before, and participants often describe this as life-changing.

Knowledge is not enough

This container is based on a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, performance science, and original Positive Intelligence research of more than 500,000 participants from 50 countries, including hundreds of CEOs, Stanford University students, elite athletes, and sales, operations, and technology teams. 

Our practice is scientifically proven to create new, better ways of thought, and our results speak for themselves:

Manage Stress Better

Increase Happiness

Improve Relationships




*Percent of Participants Reporting Improvement

Use Mental/​Emotional Energy More Effectively

Better at Conflict Management

Improve Self-Confidence




Productivity has the power to make life spacious enough to hold your dreams.

An intimate, 3-month container for the successful, high-achieving, yet overwhelmed professionals ready to create balance in their work, life, and bank account.

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This is for you if you're looking to solve a specific problem, work on a goal/block in mind and just need guidance/support.

An 8-week self-paced science-based program helping you get out of your head and out of your way so you can uncover the money-making potential and peace of mind hiding under stress.

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How can we work together?

mindful productivity TL:DR


Manage your thoughts


regulate your emotions

Master your
time & energy


Now you are...

You'll learn to:

So you can...

And be able to:

focus more

Accomplish more

work less

feel better

Enjoy more

Be present


P.s. I know that you know that the way you're doing things now may have brought you success, but it's not sustainable, and things need to change. 

Increased inner peace

Mental resilience 

Better sleep

Improved relationships

More Clarity

More benefits:

Higher confidence  

What people are saying:

When I started , I had so many ideas and was not at all focused and now I know exactly what I want, and have so much more clarity and confidence!
My life has literally turned 180
in 6 weeks, it's crazy! Instead of just thinking and planning, I am DOING and achieving things! I have broken so many limiting beliefs!


Jeni worked with me on mindset issues and also made me feel a lot better in confidence and my life is different because I don't spend so much time doubting myself or being scared of the future.
I am now able to plan my day more purposefully and each day contributes to my bigger goals. I can go to bed each night knowing that I took action that day to move the needle forward in my business. 


I felt like I turned a corner after working with Jeni. I felt more armed and ready to go. That confidence is priceless!
She’ll find out and help you tackle your roadblocks so you can succeed at whatever matters to you. Best of all, she cares! You’ll feel totally energized and any overwhelming feeling will be gone. 


What I loved most about working with Jeni is the feeling she believes in me 100%, She gives me the push to also believe in myself the same way.
When I feel like something is too much to handle or to achieve, she shows me the way and the tools to cope, and lets me know everything has a solution.
Anything I want seems achievable with Jeni!


Jeni always has an answer or advice for whatever you are struggling with. After working with her I have clarity on what I am doing & how to do it, knowledge on how to manage my energy, confidence in myself, and understanding the importance of moving with ease, & breaking every single task into steps.
I'm able to show up more positively every single day, dissect my challenges instead of letting them defeat me, & move forward with growing my business instead of feeling stuck.


Been there, done that.

You may be thinking you've already tried many (many, many) things. From books to online courses, long morning routines, manifestation etc., but nothing *really* worked for you in the past, or it felt really good at the beginning but faded away after a few weeks.  

Traditional training tends to have a short-lived impact because they: 

1. Treat symptoms rather than cause.
For example, teaching you time management techniques will only have a temporary impact if your inner voice causing you to procrastinate is not treated.

2. Focus on insight rather than muscle. 
For example, the insight that being frustrated isn't helpful doesn't automatically lead to you not feeling frustrated (otherwise you would just stop lol) - that would require mental muscles to shift brain activation. 
Due to the power of factor analysis, the Mental fitness Bootcamp treats the root level of whatever is holding you back and helps you build mental muscle to sustain this change for the long run, helping you stress less, focus more and cultivate confidence you've never experienced so far.