I’m a Tel-Aviv-based, former architect turned entrepreneur, international keynote speaker & coach on a mission to redefine productivity outside of the hustle culture.

Specializing in Mindful Productivity and Mental Fitness (PQ)®, my work is the intersection between productivity and wellbeing, and I'm here to provide you with the stretagy, mindset shifts, and support you need to grow and thrive without sacrificing your happiness. 

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me at the beach, reading, doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, or enjoying a good meal with family or friends. I love learning, traveling, and obsessed with all things personal development.

Hey there, I'm Jeni!

My mission is make the world a happier place, one person at a time. Today is person might be you.


I help people thrive without the struggle, stress or constant hustle - replacing the “should's” and “have to’s,” and the need to be "on” all the time with Mindful Productivity:

Focusing on how we think and feel, and not on some shiny tool or strategy.

Prioritizing what matter most, instead of doing ALL the things, ALL the time.

Shifting our mindset to enjoy the journey and not only the destination.

Creating space to "be" and not only "do".

my story

from  grind to groove

I was always taught to be the best and work hard to get what I wanted - turning into a very goal-oriented, efficient adult (but more so a workaholic, perfectionistic, overachiever) - feeling constant pressure to be more and do more and never feeling enough.

By the time I was 30, I was a young, award-winning architect, leading a team, living the usual hustle big city life. On the outside, everything seemed fantastic but I wasn't happy and often felt exhausted, stressed & frustrated. 

Nothing was "wrong," but I just couldn't stop asking myself, "Is this it?". My journey led me to entrepreneurship and traveling, and I found my passion for uncovering why people do what they do and how to help them do it better. 

oh JENi, tell me more


The "Leisure hacker" journey started as a blog, and my desire to help people (and myself) cultivate more happiness by spending less time on the things we have to do, so we'll have more time for the things we want to do. 

I'm all about small changes that add up to big results, and at that time, I felt like I couldn't change my life, so I had to hack some leisure into them.  

My expertise comes from education and practice but also from my life experience. Everything I teach, I practice. My life has changed tremendously, so I know that if it was possible for me, it's possible for you.

Why Leisure-Hacker?

I'm a: 

I love food, and carbs are my go-to comfort food.

& Current lover of all things pretty

English, Hebrew, and Russian

My favorite downtime is yoga and reading.

I love food, and carbs are my go-to comfort food.

& Lover of all things pretty

English, Hebrew, and Russian

My favorite downtime is yoga & reading.

 Fun facts about me: