A Tel-Aviv-based, former architect turned entrepreneur, international keynote speaker & coach.

Specializing in Mindful Productivity and Mental Fitness (PQ), my work is the intersection between productivity and wellbeing. 

As a former (recovering) type A, perfectionist workaholic, I'm all about the balance between "doing" with "being," peak performance, and peace of mind, and I'm here to provide you with the strategies, mindset shifts and support you need to grow and thrive without sacrificing your happiness. 

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me traveling the world, reading at the beach, doing yoga, or enjoying a good meal with family or friends. I love learning and am obsessed with all things personal development.

I'm on a mission to redefine productivity outside of the hustle culture and help people find a less stressful way to be successful.

Hey, i'm jeni.

Aka Leisure hacker.

Now, instead of working 80-hour weeks - I'm able to work only 4 days a week while traveling the world and making more money than ever before, and I get to help people reach next-level goals in a way that feels fantastic.

Mindful Productivity is more than a productivity technique -
it's a state of mind.

Together we'll replace the "should's" and "have to's" and the need to be "on" all the time with calm, clear, focused thinking and the space to "be," create, dream, breath (and feel damn good about it) while we're crushing bigger, better goals. 

I didn't invent any of the incredible tools I use, but the unique combination of practical productivity strategies with softer tools like mindfulness and the science-based approach of positive intelligence makes Mindful Productivity the most effective way to think better, work better & feel better. And do it sustainably.  

It's the perfect sweet spot between high performance and happiness because if you're anything like me - you want both. 


My story

If you've been taught you have to be the best and work hard to get what you want, turning you into a very goal-oriented, efficient adult (but somewhat of a workaholic, perfectionistic, overachiever) - feeling constant pressure to be more and do more and never feeling enough, then chances are you can relate.

By the time I was 30, I was an award-winning architect, leading a team and hustling my way through life. On the outside, everything seemed great, but I wasn't really happy and often felt exhausted & frustrated. 

Nothing was "wrong," but I just couldn't stop asking myself, "Is this it?".
"Am I living someone else's definition of happiness and success?"

Life led me to entrepreneurship and traveling, and in my own journey of improvement, I found my passion for uncovering why people do what they do and how to help them do it better, so they could also have both - successful, fulfilling careers and the time to enjoy a thriving personal life. 

oh JENi, tell me more


I was so busy making a living that I didn't have time to live my life 

The "Leisure hacker" began as a blog I started writing from my hammock in Florianopolis, Brazil, at the beginning of my digital nomad journey. Little did I know that my desire to help people (and myself) cultivate more happiness by spending less time on what we have to do so we'll have more time for what we want to do would become the movement it is today. 

'Leisure-hacking' is all about small changes that add up to big results. When I started this journey, I was a full-time employee with so many other responsibilities (and limiting beliefs), and I felt like I couldn't really change my life, so I had to hack some leisure into them.  

My expertise comes from education and practice but also from my life experience. Everything I teach, I practice. My life has changed tremendously, so I know that if it was possible for me, it's possible for you.

Wait, why Leisure-Hacker?


I love food, and carbs are my go-to comfort food.

& Current lover of all things pretty

English, Hebrew, and Russian

My favorite downtime is yoga and reading.

I love food, and carbs are my go-to comfort food.

& Lover of all things pretty

English, Hebrew, and Russian

My favorite downtime is yoga & reading.

a few Fun facts about me. i'm a: 

for me it's:

More of:

Less of: 

  • Mindless hustle just for the sake of staying busy
  • Toxic productivity
  • Living on autopilot/in survival mode
  • Pushing through resistance 
  • Criticizing ourselves for not being enough
  • Cold weather 
  • Super spicy food 
  • Working on weekends
  • Competition
  • Mindful, focused work that leads to results
  • Celebrating small wins
  • Intentional creation of our reality 
  • Working in ease and flow
  • Self-awareness and non-judgmental discernment Sunsets, puppies, and fresh flowers
  • Avocado toast and coffee
  • Deep meaning conversations
  • Community