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My 3-step formula to increase productivity, reduce stress, and create more balance in a busy world. 

*Get Your Sh*t Together:
A Guide to Organizing Your Life

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Adulting is hard.


Who is GYST for?

In today's fast-paced, busy world, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life.
From juggling work responsibilities to maintaining relationships and pursuing personal goals,
Not to mention practicing self care or just staying consistent in your commitment to workout -
it can often seem like there's never enough time or energy
to get everything done.
That's why sometimes you have to stop and
Get Your Sh*t Together

Whether you're working for yourself or have a full-time job, this guide is for you if you want to stop feeling
frustrated that the week is just passing you by
without accomplishing everything you needed,
not to mention everything you wanted.

At its core, GYST is about
taking control of your life.
It's a holistic approach that aims to bring order and balance
to the chaos that modern life can be.
It's a way to help you streamline your life,
make more things happen
and make adulting less stressful
and more in flow.

Imagine those moments
when you feel on top of the world,
you're keeping a killer routine
and have endless enthusiasm.
You're getting things done
and feeling unstoppable.
This. This feeling is GYST.

what's the gyst?

If you tried to Get Your Sh*t together in the past
and struggled,
you were probably making the most common mistake
without realizing it.

In this free guide,
I'm going to show you the step-by-step formula
to Get Your Sh*t Together,
and give you practical exercises to overcome that so you can move toward
 creating the life you've always desired!

I don't have to tell you that choosing to GYST
is choosing yourself.
It's taking back control.
It's such an empowering feeling.
And it's going to Change. Your. Life.  

Get the free guide now!

I'm the productivity coach for busy professionals looking to find better, less stressful ways to get things done, while making time and space to accomplish their personal goals and desires.

I specialize in Mindful Productivity
Mental Fitness(PQ) - combining neuroscience and practical management strategies, together with positive psychology, energy management, and modern-day mindfulness.

And I'm here to help you set yourself up for a more productive and balanced week!

Hey, i'm jeni.

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