So you’ve decided on your next destination. Congrats! Now what? Instead of going for the “default” touristy trip why not try to spice it up and travel like a local? We’ve all experienced the “touristy” way of traveling – lonely plant (or Google) in one hand and a bucket list of all the “top places” […]

The insider’s guide to traveling like a local

Leisure is not just the time free from obligations or a fun activity. Leisure is a way of thinking. It’s A state of mind. ” a great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuousness of work, and that the road to happiness and prosperity lies in an […]

Leisure state of mind

WYCO is a platform that enables remote working professionals to travel, live, and work together from around the world. This April I joined them for a month in the amazing Florianopolis, Brazil. A month of working while traveling, of living like a local while discovering new places on the globe, a month of adventures, beaches, […]

12 Lessons from my experience as a digital nomad

As modern technology innovations revolutionize the concept of the term “work” and blur the lines between work and “life”, some courageous people take it a step further and blur them completely. For those “Digital Nomads” the internet offers opportunities that didn’t exist until recently to combine work and the freedom to travel the world. “Modern technology […]

A month in the life of a digital nomad

For the past decades, leisure has changed its status – from being “the time you spent not working” to a significant part of our lives, our time and our identity. Tell me what you do in your free time and I’ll tell you who you are. Let’s begin with trying to understand what leisure is. The […]

Why leisure is the new black





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