The ultimate guide to working from a coffee shop

  1. Brittany says:

    Love this guide – so in-depth! I love working from a coffee shop occasionally – it definitely helps me with productivity if I’m running up against a big deadline.

  2. Bettina says:

    What a nice post. I have been lucky and found the perfect coffeeshop to work from. When they saw I came reguarly they gave me a special discount and when they saw that I need an electrical outlet for my computer that was getting old, they actually installed on just for me – at the table I normally use. They always bring my order when I come in, without even asking and they always look out for my stuff when I go to the bathroom. I love my coffeeshop.

    • admin says:

      How great!!! That does sounds like the Holy Grail of all coffee shops! Thanks for sharing that Bettina! I wish us all coffee ships like that!

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