There are so many things to do and see in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, that it may take you a couple of weeks to see all the city has to offer you. But if you’re just passing by or there for a couple of days here are 3 free must-visit in São Paulo you don’t […]

3 awesome (and free) places to visit in São Paulo

Want to have a good day? Start off your morning with positive momentum? Try making your bed and see what happens. Yes, you read me right. Make your bed. I’ve been making my bed every morning since I was a child – one of the many results of a strict Russian upbringing. Not only that […]

The ultimate morning ritual that will immediately improve your day

Happy first day of summer! Although here the temperatures have been high for a while now, Today is officially the first day of summer and the perfect excuse to plan some fun summer leisure activities. Also, a little treat at the end of the post just for you… Ah, summer! You’re my favorite!  But it’s not […]

25 Fun summer leisure ideas under 25$

Hey! So this week is my birthday… Oh man! What a year it has been… People around me always said life after turning 30 is just a downward spiral. Boy, they were wrong! I had the best year ever and I’m just getting started… Today I thought it would be fun to share “31 Things” […]

30(+1) Rocks – birthday post

Leisure is not just the time free from obligations or a fun activity. Leisure is a way of thinking. It’s A state of mind. ” a great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuousness of work, and that the road to happiness and prosperity lies in an […]

Leisure state of mind

The average person spends nearly 2,300 (!) hours at work each year. Probably most of us even more. That’s CRAZY! So why not try to have some fun while we’re there? while still being productive and ‘getting the job done’ you can try to add small things, one at a time, to add just a […]

20 Life-changing ‘fun at work’ hacks





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