A beginner’s guide to dating yourself

  1. Tessa says:

    Love this post! Loving ourselves is so important and I totally agree that dating yourself is a lot of fun! I love taking myself out for coffee and breakfast dates, and it feels even more indulgent when you’re by yourself. Besides, you don’t have to share!

    • Jeni Raitsin says:

      YES Tessa! thanks so much! breakfast or coffee are my favorites as well!!! (I don’t like to share my food as well hahaha)

    • Patty says:

      I really liked the bookstore idea. The other ideas I’ve been already doing because I’ve been single for a while now lol. I work as a traveling therapist, so I do most of my activities alone, although some time I meet up with coworkers. But I loved how you put into words all these great ideas and how well you explained “Dating yourself”. Loved it! Thank you Jeni.

      • Jeni Raitsin says:

        Thanks so much, Patty! and yes, for sure – as the first and most important relationship is with ourselves we have to make an effort and date ourselves first!

  2. Mahogany says:

    Love this article. 🙂 Stumbled on it while researching about dating yourself and I’m excited to implement things from this article in my life.

  3. Josefina says:

    I liked this aritle. I makes so much sense and I plan on doing some of these things.

  4. Chelle says:

    I’ve recently decided to start dating myself. I don’t really know who I am so this is perfect. I’m so excited to find out the real me and even more excited for the process xx

    • Jeni Raitsin says:

      Chelle!! yes! this is such a beautiful start in your journey back to yourslef! I’m excited for you!!

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