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It’s that time of year again! The Holiday season! (Cue dramatic music please…). Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus (yes, it’s an actual holiday and not just a Seinfeld episode) things can get a little crazy around the holidays. Celebrating with the ones we love, presents, free time, and good food ― what can […]

15 tips on how to survive the holidays with a smile

So you woke up and you’re having a bad day. Maybe a bad week or it’s been going on for a while now. Sometimes there is an “obvious” reason for your funk (work/ personal) and sometimes nothing is “wrong” but you’re just not feeling those happy vibes pumping in you. Life can just be overwhelming […]

70 easy ways to feel happier right now

Today I completed 100 days of gratitude and let me tell you how grateful I am for that. I have been practicing my gratitude for a couple of years now but haven’t been able to do it consistently. Every time I had a different excuse why I stopped and it took me a while to […]

100 Days of gratitude

A bucket list is a list of things we would like to do before we die. Places we want to travel to, things we want to achieve or buy etc. A reverse bucket list is a list of all the things we have done so far. Looking back on what you have already accomplished will […]

The bucket list hack that will blow your mind

Want some extra happiness sprinkles?